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Drugstore Favorites

Our family drugstore favorites that we cant live without!

Like most family’s we all have favorite items that we absolutely love, have figured out work for us and we cant live without and are all available for purchase at drugstores. Some of these products have helped us, relief diaper rashes, remove Milia, promote hair growth and help with aftershave irritations!

All the products listed below are mentioned because we regularly use them and this is our personal experience.

1. Argan Oil of Morocco

I’ve been using this shampoo & conditioner for a while now. It’s so reasonably priced and leaves my hair soft silky smooth after blow drying it. You can find Argan Oil of Morocco at any drugstore or grocery store. I don’t like to put a lot of products in my hair when or after styling because I like my hair to feel clean, soft and that I can run my fingers through it. Since I have been using Argan Oil of Morocco shampoo and conditioner this is how my hair feels every day. Once in a while I switch up the benefit flavor for whatever I feel my hair needs at that time.

2. Garnier Face Scrub

Here is another drugstore favorite of ours!  I’ll admit it, I don’t take very good care of my face. I don’t have nightly/morning routines or a moisturizer, toner I love, I just pretty much do the basics. From past experience that my face reacts worse to oils or creams. I have used this face scrub since high school. My mom used to buy it for me and when Mark and I started dating I noticed he used the same one. So, since being together we have used some type of Garnier face scrub. I feel that it definitely evens out my skin tones, scrubs away any pimples or blackheads and leaves my face feeling fresh and clean.

3. Garnier Makep Remover Wipes

This is another item my mom used to purchase for me at a drugstore or grocery store and I’ve been using them since. I have tried other makeup remover wipes when I cant get my hand on these but I keep coming back to them. Why? All other wipes are too rough on my skin and feel so when wiping my makeup off. Usually my eyes lids and under eye area is all red from the scrubbing of the other brand wipes. The Garnier wipes feel like silk on my face, so soft and with one wipe wiping away most of my make up.

Recently I have used the Garnier Micellar Makeup Removing wipes and have found that it removed some light Milia around my eye lids. If you don’t know what Milia is, its little white heads that can’t be popped, they develop when tiny skin flakes become trapped in small pockets near the surface of the skin. I had 2 of these, one on each eye and had recently appeared. The first time I used the Micellar wipe, the one on the left eye disappeared, then shortly after the one on the right eye. I had tried lots of home remedies before, like putting olive oil and making sure all makeup was removed but had found no luck until these wipes with the removal of Milia.

Now, I can’t guarantee that all drugstore carry all the types of Garnier Makeup Remover wipes but usually at least one type is always available in drugstores.

4. Biotin Vitamin

I take this vitamin every morning and you can find some type of brand of Biotin vitamin at any drugstore. I love taking this vitamin because it promotes hair growth, healthy skin and thicker nails and don’t we all want those?? My hair always grows to the same length and then stops, since I was little I have not been able to grow my hair past my shoulders. While taking Biotin, I have noticed my hair grow more and feel fuller and healthier. Any day now, I will be passing my goal and my hair will be past my shoulders in length!

5. Cleansing Pads/Wipes

Now, these wipes are very important to us and are usually available at a drugstore. Since bringing Emma home for the first day, we noticed she had very sensitive skin. She used to get and still does get diaper rashes. We change her VERY often, have tried different brands of diapers and figured out it was the wet wipes. Her precious skin can’t take those wipes, she breaks out in a rash seconds after using them. So since she was little we have used these cleansing pads and wet them in water as her wipes. Don’t get me wrong she still has rashes here and there but they are nothing compared to when I use a wet wipe.

6. Calmoseptine

As I mentioned above, Emma’s has had numerous diaper rashes. I’ve used other ointments and they have irritated or made it worse until our doctor recommended Calmoseptine. We use this all the time and its a must have in our house. When Emma starts showing signs of diaper rash, I put this cream on her. The cream has a thick base that creates a barrier from the skin and any moisture, thus healing the diaper rash. I have found this cream also works great on minor burns or cuts, keeping the moisture out. Now, disclaimer, the ointment can be very messy, white thick cream base, so be careful and wipe your hands with something dry first then wash them.

7. Gillette Sensitive Skin Foam

Now, if you’re reading along you probably will understand where Emma gets her sensitive skin from. Hubby has sensitive skin too and so he uses Gillette Sensitive Skin Shaving Foam. He has been using this for a while now, if he uses another brand or not the sensitive kind, he will break out and very itchy after shaving. This sensitive shaving foam is lightly fragranced and spreads easily which I think is why it works so well for Mark.

8. Nivea Post Shave Balm

As mentioned above hubby has a sensitive skin thus after shaving can be very painful for him. I picked this up a drugstore one day after hearing him complain numerous times about his neck irritation after shaving. And what do you know? I haven’t heard him complain since then, only reminding me when he is about to run out and I forgot to purchase more!

These are some items that we all individually use for a purpose. We have found them to be must have, affordable and get the job done items! Hopefully you read about an items that might help you.

Comment on the comments below any items that you cant live without from the drugstore!





  1. Rosemary Hammar
    February 26, 2018 / 8:48 pm

    This is a great post and soooo much information! I am trying some of this for sure! Going back to read the make up tips for older women right now!!

  2. lisajakesmomma
    March 8, 2018 / 9:32 am

    Calmoseptine is the absolute best!!!!! That stuff works miracles. My son has never had a diaper rash in his 3 yrs of life because any time he started getting even slightly irritated I used that and it cleared it up so quick. Great product reviews!

    • ildahobert
      March 8, 2018 / 9:51 am

      Me too!! It really works miracles!! ♥️

  3. March 8, 2018 / 8:25 pm

    I honestly love anything from the OGX brand their products do wonders for my hair . I am going to give the makeup wipes a try as I find as you said most are too harsh for my skin .

  4. March 9, 2018 / 1:28 pm

    These look like some great products to share! I’ve personally used the Argan Oil of Morocco products and LOVE them! Great post!

    • ildahobert
      March 9, 2018 / 8:18 pm

      Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it.

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