Toddler Behavior & Chore System that Works!

We recently implemented a new system in our household to help Emma with behavior issues we’ve been experiencing. Our daughter Emma thrives on positive reinforcement, has a great attitude and is a very smart girl however not every day is perfect. With summer here and her being home with me everyday I thought it would be a great time to start a behavior and chore system that would benefit all of us. Instead of her getting in trouble or us yelling she has a clear idea of what is expected of her, how she can work on it on her own and even earn rewards. 

The chart has 4 sections. One is the mom store where she can trade in her tokens (we are using poker chips as tokens but you can use what ever works for you) for rewards. Rewards are separated by 2 section, daily and weekly. This is beneficial so that she doesn’t use her tokens all in one day but can learn to save them up for BIG reward once a week. The next section is her chore list, these chores are easy and doable chores for kids age 3-6, this is where she earns her tokens for completing her chores. After that is the behavior sections where she earns tokens for good behavior. And last is the Oops section where tokens are taken away for bad behavior.

As a family we started this and have seen such progress in her behavior and attitude but also keeping her busy. We have had bad days where she’s lost all her tokens and had to start back at 0 the next day but we have noticed she wakes up in a better mood and ready to do her part to earn her tokens back. If you’re looking for something different to help with your kids attitude I think this is a great way to do it. I am uploading a pdf on this post however if you want an editable file just drop a comment and I’ll be more than happy to share it with you.

Toddler Behavior Chart & Reward List
The treasure box we put together with items she would love
Toddler Behavior Chart & Reward List
Doing her summer homework in order to earn tokens.
Toddler Behavior Chart & Reward List

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