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I had heard a lot about amazon fashion and until recently I hadn’t shopped it. But once I did, I was hooked. I’ve ordered a lot of items to see the quality because I can see the price is good. And I have liked and kept 90% of items and returned a few.

Today I wanted to focus specifically on everyday, casual, fun and even music band inspired tees available on Amazon. T-shirts have been trendy for a while now and this spring season again we see them but now some additional favorites like band inspired tees.

On this blog post I am sharing some of my favorites from the past year that are still available on Amazon. I’ll share all the Ts and then add a photo for outfit inspo and under the picture I’ll share if it fit true to size or not! 

$20 & under Amazon T-Shirts

Band Inspired Ts

$20 & under Amazon T-Shirts
Love this one so much! Took a little while to ship but so worth it for the price. Fit true to size, wearing a Small.

Eye Lash Ts

$20 & under Amazon T-Shirts
I loved this t-shirt so much I bought it in every color. I wear it with jeans and shorts all the time too. Fit true to size, wearing a Small.

Tie Dye Tee

$20 & under Amazon T-Shirts
Another super cute summer tee. Tie dye is on trend right now. This is available in one other color mix. Wearing a small, fit like a crop top.

Pink & Red Lips Tee

$20 & under Amazon T-Shirts
Another super fun casual tee. The first time I wore it my mom saw it on me and made me order it for her too! I know you guys loved it too! Wearing a SMALL.

Leopard Print Tee

$20 & under Amazon T-Shirts
I’m obsessed with this leopard print tee! This was actually my first tee purchased on Amazon and then the obsession became real. Wearing a SMALL.

V-Neck Casual Tee

$20 & under Amazon T-Shirts
This purple is like a dream, such a pretty color. Im wearing it in a SMALL, runs on the big side for more of loose fit look.

Leopard Print Pocket Tee

$20 & under Amazon T-Shirts
Runs on the big side. Wearing a small but it’s long enough for leggings and has splits on both sides.

Hope you all like these t-shirt picks! If you end up ordering any I’d love your feedback on which one you ordered and your thoughts on it!


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