How to “Blog” Part 2


Steps to growing your social media & blog presence.

Today I decided to finally write the second part of my How to “Blog” blog post. Since writing the first one I constantly get questions on how I’ve grown and how is my engagement so high. I thought I’d write this blog post on how to continue to grow your social media presence. The first part of this blog goes over the basics, how to create a website, pick a niche, finding your style and networking. Part 2 goes a step further, how to create a successful profitable blog, hopefully turning this into a career for yourself. Click here to read “How to Blog Part 1”.


First I want to talk about “Engagement”. I believe this is one of the most important factors in having a successful blog or social media account. This truly shows if your followers are interacting with you content, if you get 3,000 likes and 3 comments, that doesn’t show genuine engagement. When it comes to working with brands, they always look for 3-6% engagement with your follower count. So how do you get this up? Well, just like you want others to interact with your profile, do it with theirs. Take sometime everyday and see what everyone is up to, comment on photos you like, participate in fellow bloggers poll questions, DM others when appropriate. This will help you get your face out there, build relationships and make new connections!

Instagram Grid

In the past I’ve wrote on how I edit my photos and that blog post can be read here , but I wanted to take a second to talk about how important editing your photos is for your Instagram Grid. When I say Instagram grid Im referring to the tiles as a whole of your instagram profile. When posting photos you have to be careful on how they line up and how your profile will look as a whole. I use UNUM to help me create an aesthetic profile. Once you’ve figured out a photo edit or preset its good to stick to it, so your profile looks as a whole. Yes, you can change them but once you change it stick to it for a little while for a better profile look.

Instagram Business Account 

Another way to grow your blog and social media accounts is by promoting yourself through Instagram. To do this though you need to have a Instagram Business account, but this will help get your face out there. You know that marketing is the number factor that sells products, so sell yourself through your ads! A great bonus with Instagram Business Accounts its that it unlocks your analytics, so you can see the speed you’re growing, your impressions and reach and even things like how many click you get on your website etc. I think this is a great bonus tool because all your content is saved there, you can analyze and see which posts have done best to help you schedule your future posts.

Pinterest Business Account 

If you have created a website another way to grow is by promoting your blog posts or Instagram photos through Pinterest. Now this only can be done if your website is registered through your Pinterest Business account. After I open Pinterest I can past any link, even my Instagram post links and share them on Pinterest. What this does is, if you already have some kind of following all your posts/blogs will appear on their feed and your posts will have a chance to get pinned. Hopefully this will create a chain reaction and get you your biggest re-pin. My blog post on how “I lost my post baby weight” is my most popular post from my blog because of Pinterest. That alone has over 1500 clicks and its been saved/pinned 120 times, thats is crazy! Pinterest can be your biggest way of getting real traffic to your website!

Facebook/Pinterest Groups

Just like I mentioned before interacting with others in your field can be very helpful. I am part of dozens of Facebook and Pinterest groups that their whole purpose is to help each other grow. Here we share our newest blog posts or help grow other social media accounts with each others support. These are also a great place to get questions answered, look for support and learn from others. If you ever need some suggestions on which groups to join, just sreach on the facebook search bar, “bloggers supports” and lots of options will come up, choose according to your niche.

Influencer Marketing Platforms

Now the most important, how to make money. If you follow all my recommendations hopefully you will see a growth and if you keep at it, you will definitely see a difference. Once you hit 10k thats when everything changes. Brands will start to notice you more and at this point you can start to join Influencer Marketing Platforms. These are platforms where brands and creators (us) meet/discuss future collaborations. Depending on the platforms some let you apply for open campaigns or others will notify you when the right campaign comes along. It is very important that when choosing to partner with brands you only do so with the ones that represent you and your beliefs because if your just willing to sell and endorse anything your followers will not follow along and lose interest.

How to blog Part 2

These are my tips on how to continue to grow your social media presence and make blogging into a career or a full time job. If you ever have any questions or need help with starting yours I am always here to help as much as I can! Please don’t hesitate to send me any questions, I always appreciate anyone helping me so I am very open to helping others!


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