Our Morning Regimen: Owning our mornings

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Alive! Multivitamins #OwnYourMorning

On today’s blog post I wanted to talk about our morning routine and how we get our day started. Last time I wrote a blog on our mornings was when Emma was a baby and since then a lot has changed. I now am a stay at home mom while blogging full time. I don’t really do much in Real Estate and added a must try to our daily regimen, ALIVE! Multivitamins.

Alive! Multivitamins #OwnYourMorning

Every day I am with Emma, while blogging full time. I take care of her, entertain, feed and keep up with household daily chores. There is always something going on! My hubby knows this means two full time jobs for this momma so he helps as much as he can every morning before he heads to work.

We usually are up around 7:00 A.M. and so is Emma. Mark gets up right away, as he is more of a morning person than I am. He gets Emma up every morning, they play in her room for a bit while I sit in bed, trying to wake up. No, I am not a morning person. During this time, it’s my quiet time. I usually check my emails and plan my day because it’s the only time I get alone till midday nap time.

Alive! Multivitamins #OwnYourMorning

Once I hear Emma and Mark in the kitchen I slowly get up. We usually make our coffee together while making Emma’s breakfast. She tries to help out when she is in a good mood or if a repeat episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is on! Mark and I are not big breakfast fans so we just stick to our coffee for the first couple hours. But one thing we don’t skip is our Women’s or Men’s Alive! Multivitamins.

Alive! Multivitamins #OwnYourMorning

Alive! Multivitamins provides a premium source of vitamins and minerals at 100% more daily value than leading brands which I LOVE! & best of all the Alive! supplement suite contains a variety of products to meet the needs of everyone in your family.

We really enjoy taking Alive! Gummy Multivitamins because it helps support our lifestyle and overall health. It converts food into cellular energy throughout the day, helps support your heart, hair/skin, immunity and bones!* It has 16 vitamins/minerals with choline and inositol, full B-vitamin complex, made with pectin, no gelatin and has delicious fruit flavors! We’re even thinking about having Emma try the Children’s Alive! Multivitamins next.

Alive! Multivitamins #OwnYourMorning

After everyone has had their breakfast, coffee and taken their vitamins we can get our day started! Daddy can head to work and Mommy and Emma can conquer the blogging/mommy daughter world!

Hope this gave you an inside look into our daily morning regimen and how we own our mornings with Alive! Multivitamins.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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